Wardrobe Challenges: For “Picnic at the Cathedral”


I couldn’t resist this connection between works of art. Paul Delvaux’s fascinating painting above, Le Salut, on view at Maine’s  Portland Museum of Art (www.portlandmuseum.org), presents a riskier clothing challenge than one highlighted so humorously by Wife of Bath at her “Picnic at the Cathedral” blog. Link to her annotation of the fresco cycle, Legend of the True Cross, by Renaissance wonder Piero della Francesco. Check out the workers who carry the cross. Almost 500 years later, the work by Delvaux, a fine 20th century Belgian painter, bears (or should I say bares) a stylistic resemblance to Piero’s—in architectural detail and draped garments or failings thereof. Thanks “Picnic at the Cathedral” for reminding us of the power of the naked eye.



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